Tuesday, October 7, 2008

--both boys read Harry Potter all morning--for HOURS. Mom let them.
--we reviewed multiplication facts and our vocabulary--addend, sum, minuend, subtrahend, difference...etc.
--we read 6 more pgs of homonym riddles, with the boys figuring them out and spelling them.
--Mr. D wrote paragraph about second Harry Potter book
--SD started paragraph about foam swords
--SD pored over his new book of magic tricks
--Mr. D practiced piano
--Chicklet practiced singing You're a Good Man Charlie Brown and Happiness Is (along with YouTube videos)
--All three attended theater classes X 2 hrs.
--Mom gave Chicklet a reading lesson
--Chicklet did two lessons in Get Ready for the Code
--SD practiced magic tricks
--the boys searched diligently for a missing hamster; SD came up with an idea to figure out what room she was in by putting out a few grains of seed overnight in each upstairs bedroom. He figured whichever pile was missing seeds would indicate that she was in that room! But she appeared, on her own, before we could put his sleuthing to the test.

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