Monday, October 13, 2008

On Sunday, SD attended a ceremony for a new Eagle Scout (friend of Blondechick's) and learned what all is required.

Monday evening an exchange student from Germany came over and hung out with SD; they talked music, bands, guitar, cultural differences, etc.

--we started Prince Caspian (including Chicklet)
--read Catherine Vos Bible Storybook
--practiced multiplication facts and their reverse (division)
--the boys practiced magic lessons
--SD practiced guitar
--MR. D practiced piano, had a lesson
--Mom gave Chicklet a reading lesson and we did 9 pgs in her workbook (Get Ready for the Code)
--Chicklet and B3 watched Eyewitness: Cat
--Mr. D played Axis and Allies with himself (and with a friend a week ago)
--SD went for a 3-mile run

(on the weekend) we watched Speed Racer, looked up the old cartoon on Wikipedia and talked about Japanese anime

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