Thursday, October 23, 2008

Enrichment classes:

Mr. D & Chicklet learned about chemical reactions in Discovery World Science; made their own white glue and Slime.

Mr. D and SD practiced figure-drawing in sketching class; learned tactics and battled in foam swords class; discussed optical illusions in Critical Thinking

(The Critical Thinking teacher sought Mom out to say the boys were a pleasure to have in class--they are very mature and B13 takes such a helpful leadership role with those who are less inclined to stop talking and listen...!)

Chicklet and Bantam 3 enjoyed their Playtime class, and Bible Stories and Crafts class.

Chicklet made ? in her Crafts class, and B3 played ball with a friend in open gym, played Concentration with Mom in the Game Room.

At home Mr. D practiced piano, SD practiced guitar, Mom read Little House to Chicklet.

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