Friday, October 3, 2008

--read Catherine Vos Story Bible
--read Mrs. Frisby
--boys read Harry Potter
--SD, Mr. D (with Mom) practiced multiplication facts, went over extended notation, reviewed how money amounts are written and lined up, what to do with parentheses, counting numbers, whole numbers (and not-whole numbers), reviewed addend+addend=sum, minuend-subtrahend=difference, factorXfactor=product, dividend/divisor=quotient, and did problems using the vocabulary sum, difference, product, quotient. (All from Saxon 87 first couple lessons.)
--observed crystal growth
--used an old calendar with photos of weather events (hurricane, tornado, volcanic eruption, Northern lights, eclipse, etc.) to discuss those phenomena
--Mom gave Chicklet a reading lesson; read Little House in the Big Woods
--boys made breastplates from cardboard, decorated with duct tape and electrical tape, staged battles
--we cleaned whole house in record time
--SD practiced guitar
--Mr. D practiced piano
--SD performed magic tricks for company
--we watched 4th lecture of Do Hard Things

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