Tuesday, September 2, 2008

--SD worked out with Dad; did Morning Prayer
--discussed plans for new school year, what it means to "learn"
--discussed household budget
--discussed new chore assignments and expectations
--SuperDude and Mr. Diner skimmed science experiment books and picked an experiment
--did experiment: supersaturating a sugar solution and observing crystal formation
--Sd & Mr. D read three chapters of Norse Gods and Giants
--Super Dude quizzed Mr. Diner about the book
--Mama Hen started Get Ready for the Code with Chicklet and did shapes page with Bantam3
--read to Chicklet and B3 (Madeline & Sleeping Beauty)
--Super Dude attended magic class, learned how to sniff a rubber band up his nose. Likes teacher.
--Mr. Diner attended jazz class, learned jazz steps.
--Chicklet attended pre-theater class, learned to sing words to You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown

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