Tuesday, September 23, 2008

--SD went running 4 miles with Dad; said Morning Prayer
--SD expanded his paragraph from yesterday and practiced keyboarding by typing it up for his blog. We went over spelling, punctuation, grammar and keyboarding errors, discussed and fixed. He suggested accompanying pictures, which we took of him on his bike. (Will download later.)
--SD practiced piano and guitar
--SD read Harry Potter all day, trying to finish

Together, we drilled addition and subtraction flashcards. They are getting much faster!

Spontaneously, SD said to me, "I am learning more this year than I ever have before." He mentioned math and Harry Potter, especially how he gets into the story and doesn't even notice time passing or feeling tired.

--Mr. D read, practiced piano, did math, played piano, talked with me about yesterday's paragraph, played piano!

Chicklet and Mom worked on her part for her song for her theater class.

Mr. D, Chicklet and B3 read with Mom in the first two volumes of My Book House. In The Little Red Hen, each had a part to say: "Not I, said the Duck" or Not I, said the Mouse, etc. In The Little Gray Horse, Mr. D read all the man's parts and Mom read the rest. They loved it; begged for more, but we had to leave for theater class.

All: Theater class X 2 hrs each.

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