Sunday, September 14, 2008

What did we do Friday??

Oh, I remember now.

--watched Bobby McFerrin's music video on YouTube until Robin Williams wandered into it
--watched YouTube clips of Mork and Mindy--cultural literacy and vocabulary! (na-noo na-noo; shazbat)
--located boys' suit coats, neckties, shirts, pants and shoes that fit, to be ready for Sunday
--discussed the appalling state of affairs in their bedroom and how they could better rearrange and use their space, especially to contain Mr. D's Legos in one of the dormer areas
--SD begged to begin the project right away. "Couldn't this count as school? Isn't a project like this something I could learn a lot from doing by myself?" I couldn't argue! He got the whole room into great shape (except for a few boxes of Mr. D's stuff that he shoved into the closet as a temporary holding place).
--SD spent about 25 minutes on FunBrain doing math facts
--SD practiced guitar
--SD picked out two new proverbs to email his dad about; read and digested Dad's lengthy emails back
--SD went mini-golfing with the homeschool youth group
--Mr. D read to the youngest two
--Mr. D taught Chicklet6 how to write 1, 2 & 3--and how to practice
--Mr. D continued reading his chapter book
--Mr. D wrote another paragraph about hamsters:

Hamsters are easy pets to take care of. Because they stay in their cage. And when you play with them they can't get away. And they don't eat so much so the food lasts. The only thing that is a little bit hard is cleaning there cages so they don't stink. (uncorrected)

On Saturday, SD ran a fast two miles--and loved it
Mr. D played creatively with Chicklet and B3 all day

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