Monday, September 8, 2008

Super Dude was up and running 4 miles with Dad at 6 this morning; they said Morning Prayer together, and then SD went back to bed.

So instead of starting school first thing, I wrote a blog post, started laundry, wrote some emails, tried to place an order, and read today's Psalms and copied some sections into my personal blog/journal.

By the time SD got up, it was pretty late in the morning, and we agreed that probably that wasn't a good idea most of the time!

But we still got in a fair amount of learning:

--Mr. D. read some more in The Castle in the Attic

--I read the Catherine Vos Bible Storybook; we reviewed the kings of Judah and Israel and the boys narrated sections of the days' reading to me. Today's chapter was full of murder and wickedness!

--we reviewed math facts with flashcards and Bingo

--both boys finished rough drafts of posts they are writing for their personal blogs

--we observed our Rock Candy crystals, still growing as the sugar solution evaporates

--we set out the rain gauge from our weather station again (since it is raining today--we are watching the grass literally green up before our eyes!)

--SD read Harry Potter

--Mr. D read to Chicklet and B3

--Mr. D did two pages of Language Arts workbook (as a--ahem--consequence)

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