Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Today SD and Dad slept in a bit, since Dad had a late-night business event and since the high schoolers were home today with no school! Strangely, Mom woke up an hour early.

--observed the plumbers at work, putting in drains for our new bathroom in the basement
--read from Catherine Vos Story Bible
--read three ch's of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH
Now that we have borrowed a scale:
--we learned about calibrating it
--we practiced measuring weights of various items
--we measured water and talked about water tension, the meniscus and how to measure liquids accurately
--we measured rocks to find the right size rocks for our containers
--measured water and 8 g. of crystals; boiled water and dissolved remaining crystals; poured solution over rocks in containers; noted time
--discussed options and decided how to dispose of remaining solution; cleaned up work area and utensils
--3 hrs later added remaining "seed" crystals
--both boys practiced piano
--Mom read "The Ugly Duckling" to Chicklet and Bantam3
--Mr. D, Chicklet and B3 watched Rapunzel (well-done Barbie movie)

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