Friday, September 26, 2008

Visited water treatment plant for 1 hr. tour with the A's, the M's and the H's
Both boys wrote paragraphs about it:


Today I went to the water treatment plant. There were a lot of machines Some were cleaning Some were sending clean water through pipes to the city What was realy cool was the sand filtering room. one of those things that isn't cool but interesting is the labrotory. the control room looked like the inside of a starship. I learned lots of things I didn't even know.

On the way home, we ran errands and saw a booth with child ID fingerprinting; Mr. D, Chicklet & B3 got their fingerprints done and we all discussed fingerprints as unique ID
Reviewed + & - math facts, added 6 multiplication facts
SD practiced guitar and piano
Mr. D practiced piano
Both continued reading Harry Potter books
Read Catherine Vos Story Bible
Read Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH
Mom read to Chicklet and Bantam3
SD gave Chicklet a reading lesson
Mr. D helped Chicklet with her numbers workbook
Mr. D, Chicklet and Bantam3 played with puppets, made up shows
SD practiced magic tricks

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