Tuesday, September 16, 2008

--SD worked out, said Morning Prayer with Dad
--We read Catherine Vos Story Bible and discussed
--We read two chapters of Mrs. Frisby &...
--SD read Harry Potter for an hour
--Both boys practiced piano
--Mr. D finished The Castle in the Attic
--Mr. D wrote paragraph on Castle in the Attic:

Castle in the Attic

I think almost every boy would like this book. What I liked about it is that there is knights and dragons. Its in the mideval times. And that's why I like it. (uncorrected)

--We reviewed place value out to millions' place and down to thousandths place, using MathUSee blocks for illustration; zero as a placeholder; negative numbers and their uses, especially temperature, money, and distance
--Mr. D read to Bantam3
--B3 and Chicklet watched Eyewitness: Seashore
--Chicklet, Mr. D and SD attended theater classes for 2 hours
--Read to Chicklet and B3: The Story of Ferdinand, Tasha Tudor's Five Senses, Gertrude McFuzz
--SD received the sword her ordered and wrote a descriptive paragraph: (see Thurs. Sept 18)

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