Thursday, September 11, 2008

--SD worked out with Dad (pushups, etc) and they did Morning Prayer together
--at choretime, we had to have another discussion about doing their very best...
--we discussed what the boys are reading, since they spent a good part of the day yesterday reading:
--SD says he's really enjoying Harry Potter #5, and noticing that he can read for longer periods of time without getting bored or sleepy
--Mr. D is enjoying The Castle in the Attic. "It's really getting exciting, Mom!" Then he spontaneously narrated a couple chapters' worth of events to me.
--Mr. D spent nearly 1.5 hours on FunBrain today, playing math games to reinforce addition and subtraction facts
--SD read Harry Potter that whole time
--Chicklet and Bantam3 played happily in the basement that whole time
--Mom got everything together to go sign up for Enrichment Classes today, and the boys got in to the classes they cared most about!
--while Mom was gone, SD gave Chicklet a reading lesson "and I taught her another lesson, too, Mom." At lunch, she was causing a big fuss because she didn't get the pretty spoon she wanted, so he sent her to her room. Later he followed her there, sat down with her and explained that there are kids in Africa who barely have food to eat, let alone even one spoon--they eat with their hands, and they eat what we would throw in the garbage, and their ribs show "when they're not even sucking in" and they're sick all the time from dirty water and bad food. Apparently this made an impression and she came down to lunch and made no more fuss about her spoon. --What wisdom, diplomacy and compassion he displayed!
--SD and Mr. D looked at swords online, SD ordered Peter's sword from Prince Caspian
--SD read Proverbs 1, emailed Dad one verse that he liked, and why, and one verse that he didn't understand.
--Mom taught SD to make Taco Casserole

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