Thursday, September 4, 2008

--SD worked out with Dad (push-ups and pull-ups); prayed the morning office together

--took way too long getting chores done; decided that tomorrow we'll try putting chores at the END of the day, when they're more motivated to do them quickly

--read from Catherine Vos Bible Storybook; discussed mono-, bi-, poly-, as in monogamy, bigamy, polygamy (Solomon and his wives), also polytheism and monotheism

--read three chapters from Mrs. Frisby while boys tried drawing mice

--SuperDude researched more magic tricks and practiced two

--we observed our Rock Candy experiment: crystals are growing not only on our sticks but also all over the bottom and sides of the glass. Decided to take the liquid that is left, boil and try again, as one website suggests

--at 1 p.m. we put out the Weather Station rain gauge

--Mama Hen and Chicklet did several workbook pages together while boys read to themselves (SD--Harry Potter, Mr. D--The Castle in the Attic), and Bantam3 watched Charlotte's Web

--read directions for crystal growing activity kit and listed supplies we need to buy/find (mainly, a way to measure 8 grams of "crystal growing powder")

--discussed number families, rehearsed examples; had addition flashcard races, discussed strategies for nines, doubles + 1, etc.

--SD and Mr. D worked on posts for their personal blogs, practicing keyboarding

--Bantam3 invented a new superhero; he calls himself "FasterGuy"

--at 6:20 p.m., we checked the rain gauge; there had had been rainfall of 1 1/20 inches; emptied it and put it back outside

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